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June 7, 2016

Modular Combat 2 Now in Development

Arlington, Texas, June 7th, 2016 -- Ascension Entertainment LLC today announced the development of Modular Combat 2 a spiritual successor to Modular Combat.

The retail game will be exclusively released on Steam, developed in Unity engine and have a new storyline. A feature limited playable demo is currently in development and will be released within a few months after which is Kickstarter Campaign is launched.

Detailed information about Modular Combat 2 will be available in the next announcement.

About Modular Combat

Modular Combat is a Half-Life 2 modification that has been out since 2008. The Resistance, Combine, and Aperture Science are testing the HEV Mark VI Combat System. Combatants face off against each other, and monsters, in the Controlled Combat Testing Facility, which is monitored by a super-computer known as BoSS. There are dozens of modules that can be upgraded at any level, in any combination. Modules give combatants amazing abilities such as flying, teleporting, spawning minions, and shooting flechettes or energy balls.

About Ascension Entertainment LLC

Ascension Entertainment is a video game development company headquartered in America with an international team located around the world. We're currently working on our first foray into the commercial video game market with the sequel to our popular source modification "Modular Combat".