Ascension Entertainment is a video game development company headquartered in America with an international team located around the world. We're currently working on our first foray into the commercial video game market with the sequel to our popular source modification "Modular Combat".

Modular Combat 2

Pending succesful crowdfunding, Modular Combat 2 will be the spirtual successor to Modular Combat. It will be developed in the Unity game engine and include all new content (Guns, Monsters, Maps, Textures, More Modules, etc.).


Modular Combat

Modular Combat is a fast paced chaotic FPS. Three teams fight each other and monsters in a variety of gamemodes like Coop, Deathmatch and more. Aside from guns, combatants also have access to modules that can be upgraded at any level, in any combination. Modules give amazing abilities such as cloaking and spawning minions. It was released for free for owners of Half-life 2 in 2008 and had 250,000 players and over 675,000 downloads.


Current Team:

Business Manager
AKA: Archer
Game Director
Lead Programmer
AKA: •Aluminum Ken
AI Programmer
AKA: DrEvil

Audio Effects
AKA: TRain

Past Team:

Phaser Rave (Modeler/Texture Artist)
Dustin (Music Composer)
Mauro (Modeler/Texture Artist)
André (Modeler/Texture Artist)
Thomas (Modeller)
Chris (Concept Artist)


We're not currently hiring paid positions but pending successful crowdfunding, we will be!